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N56 W16688 Ridgewood Drive

Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

Tel:  888-711-2014

Fax: 888-655-6244

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We Deliver Wound Care Supplies Reimbursed by Insurance

Delays aren't fun for anyone  

Have you been frustrated by DME suppliers who:

Don't communicate with you? 

Make big promises but don't deliver?

Cost you time and money with orders that fall through? 

Why You Need a Trusted DME in Your Corner

From the moment an order is placed, you imagine a seamless process where insurance is verified, supplies are shipped, and patients are able to begin treatment immediately.  

But what happens when supplies don't arrive or there is an unexpected delay?  Cue stress and worry, right?  

We want to put your mind at ease.  As a national DME, we've helped thousands navigate insurance guidelines in order to get patients the supplies they need with the lowest out of pocket possible.  We can help you too.  

Eliminate the Guesswork

Guessing games are only fun when they're on purpose.  But when your patient needs supplies, guessing where or how to get them is frustrating - for both of you.  ​

Reduce frustration and stress for you and patients

Have confidence when submitting an order

Know and help your patients understand what to expect 

End order related problems 




-Clinical Nurse Manager (NE)

5 Common Ordering Oversights & How to Avoid Them