Ordering Wound Supplies 

has never been easier

Ordering options need to be as flexible as patients are unique - whether you're a clinician navigating which supplies insurance will cover or a long-term care community looking to optimize the funds available, Halo has the expertise to get you on your way. 


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What is needed to process an order?  

A standard written order (SWO) is required by most insurance plans, including Medicare.  Halo's one-page form helps you capture the details needed to fulfill this requirement.  Your clinic or facility's EMR system most likely captures the required details so be sure to choose HALO when order through iHeal, WoundExpert, Wound Docs, Intellicure & Wound Right. 

Insurance Plans Accepted

Halo accepts a wide array of insurance plans, including Medicare Part B, most Medicaid plans along with many commercial or private insurances. 

Since coverage often varies by state and because we want to make ordering as easy and simple as possible, we encourage you to have an insurance list specific to your location.  ​


Need to order now but you aren't sure if Halo is contracted?

No worries.  If we aren't contracted with a specific plan, we will do our very best to locate a supplier who is, notifying you along the way.

Guessing games are only fun

when they're on purpose

When patients need supplies, guessing where or how to get them is frustrating - for both of you.

Have confidence when submitting an order

Reduce frustration and stress for you and patients

End order related problems 

Know and help your patients understand what to expect 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How quickly are supplies delivered?

With the exception of PO Box addresses, supplies are shipped and delivered within 24-48 hours.

How easy it is to order and have supplies shipped to patients?

Halo's one-page order form takes just 45 seconds to fill out.. (yes, we timed it) We are also an option when ordering via iHeal, WoundExpert, and Intellicure.

What if Halo is not contracted with a patient's insurance plan?

• In most cases, insurance is verified within an hour of receiving the order, and once approved, supplies are shipped the same day. • If Halo is not contracted with a patient's plan, we'll do our very best to find a company that is, notifying you along the way.

Will Halo substitute when I request brand specific products?

• Brand specific products will not be substituted for a lesser product or for financial gain. • If there is a reimbursement issue or a product is not available, our team will confirm any changes with you prior to shipping.

How can Halo assist long-term care communities?

Halo has a team dedicated to serving LTC communities across the country. Connect with your rep for all the details!

Have a question we missed?  

We strive for accuracy and are here to help.  Let us know if we missed something.  

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